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is election day. thank you for watching. so long. >> the debate between the candidate for senate and mexico. martin heinrich and heather wilson. this debate is hosted by the sun time and kfox tv. our coverage begins after the opening statements. it is about an hour. they represent more than 60 years of journalism experience. we have a lot of experience on that side of the table. walt is going to start with the first question. >> heather wilson wrote the affordable care act is unconstitutional because of the individual mandate. if not thrown out by the supreme court, it to be repealed or replace. martin heinrich voted for the bill. what should the replacement be? if it is to be kept, what changes should be made? >> i think it is that -- important to understand why it should be repealed and replaced. it was a mistake. it is already costing jobs in the state of new mexico. it is not just jobs. it takes $700 billion out of medicare. there is only one candidate for the united states senate tonight to has voted to cut medicare. i also believe that and increases the cost of health care. we are see
key house senate and governor's races from around the country. coming up next, we will go to mexico for debate. and about an hour, united states ohio senate. a little later, first term of the schilling squares off among sherry. and as we look at live pictures and the white house, president obama has received his daily briefing, he continues working on relief efforts for hurricane sandy, about 350,000 people are without power in the metro washington d.c. area. early voting has already been cancelled and the district and in maryland. and extended by an extra day. we are learning the president will stay here in washington tomorrow to monitor the response to the hurricane, to ensure all federal resources continue to be provided. presidents will not take part in campaign even said had been scheduled an ohio tomorrow. he pulled himself off the campaign trail for now, canceling all appearances. though clinton will be campaigning for the president today. his total to hold a rally in minneapolis at the university of minnesota. in other event today in duluth. mitt romney is taking place in st
. new mexico, joseph. hello. caller: this is a perfect segue, the chart she was just showing. obviously new mexico, we have lost a whole industry and construction. which means, that is a lot of entry-level positions, especially coming out of high school. i see so many kids, 19, 20, 21 that are coming out of high school, they cannot even get a part-time job and they are homeless. if we had a construction industry, we had to switch service, instead of new home construction, to stay in business, we had to move into a grudge just to do our work in a storage unit. host: do you own your own home? guest: i do. my mortgage is very low. it is $60,000 or so. that is what i go on it. it started out at maybe $100,000. host: thank you. guest: that is very indicative of the situation. even the we see signs of a rebound in housing, the construction industry is still getting its foot back on the ground. you are seeing younger workers suffer any long-term consequences of what is happening in the economy. even if we do recover in terms of gdp and construction, there are consequences that will continue to
at the state of new mexico does not even accept people with epilepsy under that program. .. >> she is going to way people are and you won't even take responsibility for what you're doing small businesses across the state. >> i think small businesses are critical. so is people's health health care. people should have access to health care. if that means that i have to pay $1.10. >> moderator: now we come to the end of this debate. each candidate will have one minute for a closing argument. my priority is keeping our college more affordable for everyone. the wilson has had all the wrong priorities. she supported and voted for the wall street bailout. she voted for the bush tax cuts that exploded our deficit come and now wants to give even more tax breaks to millionaires. congressman wilson supports the radical plan called cut, cap and balance that would require deep cuts to social security and medicare. let me be clear that i will never balance their budgets the budget on the backs of our senior citizens. i can hold job fairs and i can raise my family. i have always thought about the steps th
jobs in america for u.s. citizens first. >> as governor of new mexico, i ran outside the political system and got elected republican governor in a state that was two-one democrat and made a name for myself vetoing legislation. i may have vetoed more legislation than the other 49 governors in the country combined. i vetoed 750 bills, i had thousands of line item vetoes, it made a difference when it came to billions of dollars worth of spending greeted it made a difference when it came to laws that would have told you or i. what we could or could not do in the bedroom. caller: hos host: he will appear in the ballot in 48 states including a key battleground states with his blend of fiscal conservatism and libertarian social views to make him a compelling alternative for conservative voters not wedded to voting for governor romney. here is more from the third- party presidential debate. [video clip] >> there are 90 million voters who are not coming out to vote in this election. as one out of every two voters. is twice as many as the number who will come out for barack obama and twice a
:00 the debate for the 4th district for the house race. at 9:00 eastern new mexico's first district squars off against healther wilson. this time around the two candidates are going for new mexico's senate seat. that's at 9:00 eastern. c-span's campaign 2012 coverage tonight. >> next a round table with charlie cook and abc news amy walter. this is at the aspen institute in washington. it's an hour and twenty minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. i am here with the institute's vice president. it is a great honor to have you here and these great folks here. on behalf of the washington ideas roundtable and the michelle smith foundation. we thank you for being here. a lot of us are very interested in the politics for the next couple of weeks. i see old politicians up front. there is the congressmen and ambassador, i know there are others as well. we appreciate folks being here. i recognize gary nell, a friend of minewe have a great program. is here. that soothing, wonderful voice. it livens me. you do a great job. i will let steve introduce charlie cook and amy walter. charlie's son ju
, should college be provided to everyone. >> first of all, as governor of new mexico, we established lottery scholarships which allowed really any graduating high school student from new mexico to go to college with those costs paid. so woths what's the federal role, though, when it comes to education, and what's the primary reason in this country why college division tuition is so high? well, it is because of guaranteed government student loans that because of guaranteed government student loans, no one has the excuse for not going to education. and so because of that, institutions of higher learning, colleges and universities are immune from pricing that if kids would take a harder look at it, gee, i don't think i can afford $15,000 a semester, i think i will just sit this one out. when that happens en masse, i guarantee you, the cost of college tuition will drop dramatically. today that doesn't exist. i can't afford $15,000, yet friends and family will point and say, look, you can get a guaranteed government student loan. that is another one of government's unintended consequences
was actually worked in mexico. i worked in mexico. many of them crossed the border regularly. that is considered a joke by mexicans. we do not have secure borders. politicians saying we do does not make a difference. we are a nation of immigrants. immigration is it the core of our bloodstream. there are many right ways to do it. there is a handful of wrong ways to do it. it is not hard to come here illegally are become a citizen. but just follow the path that others have taken. >> we will let you take us out. >> but be realistic. the border is almost 2,000 miles of in for states, six mexican state equivalents. it is enormous. i have been for all of mexico and texas. texas is the size of europe. we need new immigration reform. the sooner the better. in the meantime, let's protect our families, a particular they the children who were born here, as much assistance as everybody in this room. >> this is a question for mr. babbitt wade. >> i want to move to another role the senate place. they provide consent been regards to judicial appointees. which supreme court justice come clos
of candidates on the balance were surprised. we have 16 here. former new mexico gov. gary johnson running as the libertarian candidate is the most prominent of them. it depends on who you talk to. some people say governor johnson's it support for marijuana legalization could cost president obama votes. others say they tend to pull unaffiliated voters that could go republican, so he is one to watch to see what kind of vote totals he will get. the biggest third-party candidate in colorado history was ross perot who pulled in, i think, 23% of the vote. host: curtis hubbard, what will you be watching for on election night? guest: the suburban counties around denver. you will hear a lot of talk about arapaho and jefferson counties in terms of which ever candid it will win those counties. they will have a much easier path to running the state of colorado. i will be looking closely at the number of republican votes coming in from el paso county, douglas county, mesa county. another swing county is a clear emmer, northern colorado, fort collins, colorado state university -- another county is larr
and corrupt officials. the film was completed and toward mexico and the human rights watch film festival and will air january 7, 2013 on pbs. he also produced two documentaries examining the dropout crisis and is a previous director of "the american experience, roberto clemente," winner of an award for outstanding television documentary. he has done a number of other things. the question is -- what does vigilance mean at this time of transition, how we get information by newspapers, the changes in reporting. what does it mean? what should it mean in this context? what does it mean particularly for the kinds of reporters that you have most recently made this film about who are covering very difficult stories where there is real risk involved? >> from my perspective, as a documentary filmmaker, i do not know i would consider myself a journalist in the traditional sense. i think i have a slightly different set of challenges. a traditional journalist has to be factually accurate -- like that, but that is a point of departure to make something larger. i do not always get there. for me, vigila
house debate. king and vilsack. and then at 9:00, the new mexico senate debate, all live on c- span. over the weekend, george mcgovern, presidential candidate in 1972, pass away on sunday. today is his prayer service held in sioux falls, s.d.. vice president biden will be in attendance. the funeral tomorrow, and we will have live coverage at 7:30 on c-span3 and a funeral service on c-span at 2:00 eastern. >> you are watching one of 10,000 homes -- these are houses that are never coming back. [indiscernible] >> no, not right now. >> it is going back to the prairie, and these houses are disappearing from the landscape. >> recently, 164 firefighters were laid off as part of this downsizing, this effort for getting finances under control. firefighters detroit needs, because it must have the highest numbers of cases of arson in the country. when you look to find out where that money came from, it is the department of homeland security that has a fund for things like that. i do not want to overstate, but that is something you want to think about. the department of homeland security needs
, mexico? we cannot manage that. that is not adequate. they were going on the wrong direction. too big to manage is just too big. all of us are living in an example of how this can be managed. this is the former auditorium of a law firm which just went down. the subs were a bunch of prima donna lawyers managed to work it out. i think contracts can be worked out. i agree. i agree in part, but i think you're overstating the case, simon. it would be difficult across borders to work out a contractual arrangement. when aig is the parents, then how do you impose appropriate oversight on all of the little bits of aig all over the world? every country has contracts that involves foreign regulators and there's definitely a degree of difficulty. i still believe it can be worked out, but it's a challenge. >> there is a run by the regulators in every jurisdiction to grab assets. there is a final dispute on the collapse of lehman on the british side in the american side four years after. that remains unless he can get the british, the germans, the french -- >> come on. that's the difference between
, the united states and mexico reached a ground- breaking agreement on what oil and gas resources in the gulf of mexico. and we will be sending it to congress for action soon. the agreement clearly lays out how the united states and mexico will manage the resources that transcend our maritime boundary. in addition to these examples of energy diplomacy, we are also focused on our secondary of engagement, energy transformation. helping to promote new energy solutions, including renewable and energy efficiency, to meet rising demand, diversify the global energy supply, and address climate change. the transformation to cleaner energy is central to reducing the world's carbon emissions. and it is the core of a strong 21st century global economy. but we know very well that energy transformation cannot be accomplished by governments alone. in the next 25 years, the world will need up to $15 trillion in investments to generate and transmit electricity. governments can and will provide some of it, but most will come from the private sector. that is not only a huge challenge, but a huge opportunity. an
the world. >> i think i would turn to maytag. 1700 jobs went over to mexico. that company received tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds and move to the jobs to mexico. i spoke to somebody like dave lost his job. he had to move away from the community in order to find work. those are the kind of people i talk to about how hurtful nafta has been. >> herb trix, your next, directed to cheri bustos. >> the corp. for a public broadcasting, it amounts to four hundred $40 million per year. one 12th of 1% of the budget. you favor eliminating this appropriation? >> i do not favor eliminating that. in fact, i am a supporter of public television and public radio. i am a donor to public radio and i am pleased to say i used to be on the board of directors of the rock island based radio station, herb, where you are employed. if we can even look at that example, wvik, it is the only radio station in that region that covers news. we are fortunate to have alex working in covering news but that would go under way -- go away under a proposal like this. my husband and my kids grow up on sesame stre
. it has been a tremendous growth. colombia and mexico also. as i look at this, it is an enduring threat that i think both operational and to our forces and domestically will be here for decades. as i said, it is not just about the devices but about the networks. and we see the ied as a weapon of choice along the threat continuum. at everything from the low end criminal smugglers, narcotics networks, all went to the high end terrorist networks and everything in between. these networks are resilient, adaptive, and very agile. as i tell my friends there centers of excellence are virtual, flat, and unencumbered. they seamlessly communicate sharing recipes, ttp's. i think the way they communicate their command and control system is a huge strategic advantage for them. then we see the proliferation of techniques across these various networks. the projectiles we saw used so effectively, the iranian weapons we saw in iraq, in the gaza strip, and have seen them start to appear in somalia. the vehicle born i.e.d.'s originated in the middle east. we see in mexico as the drug cartel's target each o
with 125 pounds of marijuana or less, you go back to mexico. you are not prosecuted. you have a u.s. attorney that sends you back home. i think that is important. that is a lot of marijuana. that is a big supply. >> who are you looking at? what is the height difference? i was a consultant at the time, and we were getting a lot of letters, "what are you doing on c-span making bill clinton taller than bob dole?" first, these are not c-span cameras. c-span is taking the feed, but you are watching bill clinton, which is precisely the idea. the problem is that al gore may have been coached by the same person, and he tried to assume center stage. it is in the debate of 2000, and we will move to the chs -- vhs in a second. anybody here ever been a street fighter? [laughter] ben, i will have to use you again. if you were approaching me to fight me, how would you approach? because i did use to fight in the street a bit, so watch out. how would you approach me to punch me out? ok, move toward me. not bad. that's enough. thank you. the next what happens day. go ahead and play. >> that i can
to college. our kids are no longer just competing with other states, montana, new mexico, new york, they're competing with commine na and other emerging economies throughout the world. we have to give our kids the tools so they can compete. you have 1345u8er class sizes and awe tract quality teachers and you provide flexibility for the local school districts so they can implement these standards but in their own way and own speed. then we have to do something to get down this dropout rate. it's high. and you do that by adding to our community college. not everybody is college bound but everybody has to make a living. improve our community colleges, do technical training and job training. give our young once the tools they need. >> my wife teaches school. it's very important to us. more higher less. more competition higher quality less cost. that's what i want in our government because that's what we get from the private sector. if that piece of legislation cops across my desk i'd vote for it. and choice in education is a pretty good example of that where that money follows the individual
people get a second or third or fourth opinion. the private health insurance, because they need to mexico buys -- maximize investor return. i would ask mr. davis is, he had federal hunt -- federal health care at the time of his wife's illness. king god she is alive. i would ask that he offers that to all americans. >> thank you very much. >> this is for candidate davis first. if elected, one of the first pieces of legislation you will have the chance to vote on is a new foreign bill. what would you do in reverse -- in regard to the program and foreign subsidies? >> i want to say thank you to david for reminding me that is what we have in our health care plan. i would love to see the benefits planned nationwide to all consumers, to everyone. that is what our health plan does. it talks about selling insurance across state lines. so we can still preserve our ability to choose where and when to seek medical treatment. they have not passed a comprehensive foreign bill this year. during a year where we have had one of the worst droughts in our generation. what we have to do in that farm bill is
of immigrants. we welcome people coming to this country as immigrants. my dad was born in mexico of american parents; ann's dad was born in wales and is a first-generation american. we welcome legal immigrants into this country. i want our legal system to work better. i want it to be streamlined. i want it to be clearer. i don't think you have to -- shouldn't have to hire a lawyer to figure out how to get into this country legally. i also think that we should give visas to people -- green cards, rather, to people who graduate with skills that we need. people around the world with accredited degrees in science and math get a green card stapled to their diploma, come to the u.s. of a. we should make sure our legal system works. number two, we're going to have to stop illegal immigration. there are 4 million people who are waiting in line to get here legally. those who've come here illegally take their place. so i will not grant amnesty to those who have come here illegally. what i will do is i'll put in place an employment verification system and make sure that employers that hire people who h
. we invited him here to convert. [laughter] [applause] really, governor, your father was from mexico and you have five kids. are you sure you are not catholic? [applause] mr. president, you are not getting a free pass tonight. we arcs -- we are excited to have you here tonight. almost as excited as we were in 2008. [laughter] although the catholic church does so president obama a. debt of gratitude. jesus taught us if it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of debt -- of heaven. say what you will about the economy. mr. president, it will be a lot easier for a lot more people to get into heaven. [laughter] [applause] we recognize you have some challenges this year. it is never could when your opponent has produced more sums than you have jobs. [laughter] [applause] i am pretty sure that number is accurate. paul ryan gave it to me. he is such an effective attack dog, i am worried governor romney might strap him on the roof of a car. [laughter] of course, president obama wishes he could put joe biden on a car, too. [laug
it is and education. that's why i support a balanced amendment to the constitution. >> the race in new mexico is just one of the key races you can follow on c-span, c-span radio and 2012. >> it's a picture of union station right now. a major transportation hub for the city and nation. amtrak trains stop here. amtrak trains not running today neither is the met tro because of hurricane sandy. flights cancelled across the country and businesses and schools shut down. federal government shut down today and early voting shut down all of this due to effects of the hurricane. president obama held a briefing about the sevty of the storm. we will have that for you a little bit later t. president cancelled his political appearances today and tomorrow. mitt romney has cancelled campaigning for tonight and tomorrow. we'll have live coverage of a federal emergency management agency briefing. that is expected to happen at about 2:30 eastern. >> we do have more road to the white house coverage coming up this average which we have a rally for president obama. the president will not be there but vi
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21